Questions, Facts, and Answers

1. How does Envision and Fabulous Arts work         and why do I want to make a purchase?
                            Like a Gallery! User Friendly!
   *It is a site for artists not wanting to spend the time uploading and 
    resizing images and taking time away from their studios.

   *It is a site for the non computer literate artist who are not interested in         spending their time learning about resizing images, jpegs, gifs,
    uploading, etc . . .

   *Gives exposure to the artist's work by allowing online access to art       
    portfolios for interested clients and admirers of art.

   *This is a non-commission service that rents space to you on the      
    Website - no computer literacy required! Webpages are predesigned
    with some choices of background and frame colors.

   *So you just provide the artwork. Through E-mail or Mail.  
    That's right, just send us your slides with the information you want to          have shown on the web ( like a gallery or show submission - with return 
    envelope and pre-paid postage) and we will send them back.

2. Where would I be listed on your Web site?

   *Under the artist's name you submitted.
    or you can go directly to your page:

3. How do I place my portfolio on this Web site?
   *The number of images depend on the selection of the portfolio package       you made. Purple, Blue, or Green Portfolio Package. Please, view the         home page under the package you chose.

   *Send your images through the MAIL: Photographs,Slides, or Jpegs, 
    and Giffs on CD or 100 ZIP.(slides are best but not necessary), and any
    other information you may want to display with your work in accordance
    to the package you chose.

   *Send your images by E-Mail: please pay attention to the size of
    images in accordance to your package. JPegs and Gifs only! Also,    
    any other information you may want to display with your work in          
    accordance to the package you chose.

   *Other Information : your  biography; artist statement; a list of galleries
    or shows you're involved with; information on your images such as title,       medium, year of creation; contact information; your email address,       
    phone number if you want.  ( those E-mailing this information can          
    submit it in the actual e-mail, word format, or works format).
    Please, mark clearly  what information goes to which image and in
    what order you want your images displayed.

    Ideas for organized labeling: label each picture with your last name,
    media, title of piece, size and price.

   *Renewal rates: I will E-mail or mail you a bill each month with the due       date. If you signed up for PayPal you will be billed automatically
    monthly or yearly depending on the package you signed up for.You pay
    through PayPal or Check. You will have several day        
    grace period after the due date before your page is disconnected.
    During renewal, text and artwork may be changed for   
    NO additional fee.
    Exception those with the Green Portfolio Package have  
    to wait until the second month to change any information.

4. How much do you charge for this service?
    Please, see Home Page.

5. Do I pay commission if I sell my art through your site?
    NO! Envision Gallery and Fabulous Arts is a non-commission
    service. Your clients are encouraged to directly contact the artist (you), 
    who controls prices and transaction. Envision Gallery and Fabulous Arts assume no liability of transactions made through the artists and
    prospective buyers.

6. How can I promote my art in conjunction with
    Envision  Gallery and Fabulous Art
    Add your URL as shown in question #2 (above) to your business card,   
    handouts, letterheads, and all other printed material with your name,
    it's a great way of promoting your new exposure to prospective buyers.
   If you find your page extension to be too long, use: or
   on your card and they can look you up when they get here!

If there are Any Further Questions Please feel free to E-mail us at this link:

2003 Jill Sluka Envision Gallery

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